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Any recommendations for hotels in Barcelona Spain?

We're going to be there for a few days at the end of June, and need a recommendation for a hotel that would accommodate a family of four. Most of the hotels we've found only take two people in a room. Any thoughts?
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There is an apart-hotels (Apart-hotels Arrahona) in Sabadell, about 25km from Barcelona that have apartments for four, look OK and are reasonably priced. There'll usually business but I know families that have stayed there. You would probably prefer to be in the heart of Barcelona though if you're only over for a couple of days, in which case this is right in the on Ramblas, right in the middle of town and should do the job.
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I'm not really sure if they will be able to accomodate you in a larger room, but I can't say enough good things about the AC Hoteles chain in Spain.

They're set up as business hotels, but they really take care of you and their rates are well below similar 4 star hotels. Also, the rooms are super clean and they have free mini-bar drinks and most have internet access. The style is modern but warm.

They have a few hotels in Barcelona, the Diplomatic is the closest to the center, I think.

Here's their site.
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Have you checked this site? It allows you to search for rooms with 4 beds.
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I stayed in the worst one star hotel in Barcelona. Great location and very economical, but when you pull hairs out of the sheets and realize that it isn't yours or your wifes, you kind of start thinking about getting the hell out of there. If you are interested I can probably find it for you.
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Response by poster: Great hints all - thanks so much!

It's striking to me - in the US, every hotel I've ever been at offers rooms with 2 large beds, which is perfect for what we need (2 adults & 2 kids). But finding rooms that can accommodate 4 in Europe seems difficult. It certainly doesn't seem that they are as common there as they are here. Do families of 4 just not travel to Barcelona?

And trbrts - unless I could use that hair for a transplant, I think I'll pass on that hotel. If it's convenient, the name might be useful (to avoid it!), but don't hassle if you can't find it.

Thanks again!!!
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if you can find contact details for the hotel rembrandt on carrer de la portaferrissa (just off las ramblas - right in the heart), ask them if they still have the ground floor art studio apartment available in a nearby placa. i wish i could remember the name of the square it was on! just off the north east side of las ramblas. it was really close by. it's a BEAUTIFUL self catering split level artist's apartment with two bedrooms that we got for little over the price of a hotel room.

sorry if this is too vague.
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jasper - The problem you might be running into is terminology. Generally speaking it's:
  • Single room - 1 person only
  • Double room - 2 people only. Might be one matrimonial bed or two separate single beds. The latter can also be called a twin room, if you want to get confusing.
  • Triple room - 3 people only. Could be three separate beds or a matrimonial and a single.
  • Quad(ruple) room - 4 people only. Could be 2 matrimonial, a matrimonial & 2 singles, or 4 singles
  • With bath(room)/shower or ensuite - Room has bathroom/shower facilities
  • without bath(room) or shared - Bathroom/shower facilities are located down the hall and shared with other guests
Beware that many times a matrimonial bed might be created from pushing two single beds together. Also, you don't mention your budget and/or travelling style so I don't know enough to make any recommendations.
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