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I am looking for a friendly carbon-footprint estimator for events (small business meetings or conferences). I have been googling around but can't fine one that I saw about a month ago. I am looking for something that would give me a quick estimate based on # people, distance traveled, and number of days/space. Thanks.
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There are several calculators out there, I think this one has all the variables you mentioned. (Disclaimer: I have no idea how accurate these things are and different calculators are probably all going to come up with different results)
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Good for you for thinking of these things. The following sites have some related info:
Advanced Event Calculator
The Alma Mater Society
The Green Office
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Response by poster: Thanks much for the links. I am trying to convince an organization that our board meetings should be carbon neutral. I did eventually find the one I had seen at first at Native Energy. FWIW, I also came across a more skeptical article in Salon that is worth a read. Thanks again!
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