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Mind machines – Do you currently use any particular model? I've been using "Mind Gear" and Theta’s "Voyager" for about 10 years, but they kept breaking, and now I want to get a new box. Which one would you recommend?
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I've had my Proteus for 6-7 years, and it has always been great (I did ditch the headphones early on for a good pair of studio quality headphones).
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These seem to have started appearing in the DIY/hobby arena, with various instructions for how to build your own online, so a custom-made one, built by you for you (and fixable by you) might be a possible alternative.
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Best answer: Always wondered about those mind machines. Also felt a bit timid/afraid about them too, since I didn't really know what those light and sound pulses were doing neurologically.

When they first came out they were quite expensive ($300 to $600). And yes, I wondered about the loon factor too.

Your question got me researching and I like this blog's input a lot, you may too: The Brain Resource. The blog's author seems sane and brilliant. Bet he'd have some good ideas and thoughts about your mind machine question. His blog seems worthy of a front page post.

His email is saykeng at gmail dot com

A little about the history of mind machines.

These days there has been a lot of success with both EMDR and neurofeedback, so it makes sense that mind machines could work. There is no mention of hoax in the Wikipedia entry for mind machine.

Just this week I was wondering about buying a mind machine, now that prices have come down, trying one out as a motivation stimulator and had no idea how to look for one that helped that, if, in fact, such a thing exists.

Growabrain, did you experience benefit from the mind machine you used? In any particular aspect of your mind?

You seem to be a profoundly energetic human being. Quite frankly, I'm awed and happily astounded by your joyous, life-affirming blog, creative interests, all while you run a successful business. wow. Can't help thinking your mind machine must have been helpful to you! :)

Other, possibly useful links: Brain Technology Tools, New Mind Machines, Mind Machines.
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Response by poster: I've been using these 2 machines (mostly Voyager) for nearly 10 years, and enjoyed them tremendously. Those tools work like "Meditation-Lite", simple & easy. The regular nightly usage of these things was extremely effective in getting me to energize, relax, focus, getting stimulated, sink, dive & lose myself. At one point me & a girlfriend would hook up 2 headsets to a program that always got us high together (I think it was track 23)...
Needless to say, I don't see where this attack came from. I'm also surprised that these machines are so little-known & little-used today.
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