What gives with these back spasms?
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Why does my back spasm when someone talks behind my back (in the literal sense)?

My back does this spasm thing that makes me fidget whenever someone talks or whispers directly behind me (anywhere from being in physical contact to up to 2 feet away). It also occurs when my hairdresser sprays water behind me that is directed at my head. This is especially uncomfortable when I get my hair cut or go to the chiropractor.

Does anyone else experience this?
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My back went out when my ex-girlfriend finally moved out after a 2 month procrastination fit. When she was actually going out the front door, I gave her a final hug, and my back just flat went bad. A very strange mental pain somehow focusing on the tail of my spine.
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I get this too. Nervousness?
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I have this; it feels like part of a protective reflex to me. When the big muscles of your back tense up, they're like a suit of armor for your spine.

Yours is on a pretty sensitive trigger, thehmmhmm, do you have a history of scoliosis or other back problems, or are you hypervigilant, perchance?
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Is it consistently reproducible or intermittent?
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Does it happen when you're outside and a fly zooms by behind you? I get that. I absolutely hate it, especially the lack of control.
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Your superior colliculus is in charge of integrating various senses and in humans effects turning to face unexpected sounds. It has a descending nerve tract to the orientation muscles of your back and neck. It sounds like this reflex is slightly overactive. I have no idea what you would do about it, but there's a plausible source.
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