How to make secure PDA
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How can I make my PDA secure?

I use Steganos Security Suite / SAFE for my XP laptop... I put all my important stuff including OUTLOOK and Quicken files in the Secure Drive. I am fairly confident that even if some one steal my laptop, they can't get to my data.

I just got a new HP Ipaq RX 5915 with Windows Mobile 5. I am about to sync my mail and etc... but.. now that I think about it.. what happens if some one steals my pda? I do have PIN code capability.. but it just seems weak. How can I make sure no one except me can access my pda sync-ed data? Is there steganos type security feature i can buy? How can I secure my sync-ed data?
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P.S. I would like to find one that is most popular or considered best in the business...
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what seems weak in pda pin codes? is your xp laptop password just as weak?
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My thought is that its not the password itself...
I've heard that Windows XP's password can be easily cracked .... (I have seen many software that does this..)

Also.. I will feel much better knowing that I would have secondary password protection even after my pda is compromised.

Currently my laptop setup is that ones I put my password for XP... I would still need to put another password to open up the folder that has my pst and quicken files...

I am very new to Windows Mobile 5... and I don't even know where the sync-ed files are stored.......
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Also.. chances are I will probably need to put some important files including sync-ed outlook files in the SD card... in which case.. I strongly want to secure the card or folders in it...
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A little Googling, and I got PocketSecure.

Strong passwords with 128 Bit AES. Looks like your fix?

Also, a three day trial, so no risk.
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As for the SD card, your device can't secure it. You'll need to do something independant of WM5, like TrueCrypt.
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HP iPaq's brand pocket pc's come with software the allows for encryption of the SD card or individual folders on the internal memory, and also allows for encryption of the built in databases (email, contacts, notes, tasks) IFF you're using the default handlers for each of those items.

You might check to see if the same software is available for purchase separately - I'm pretty sure HP just licenses it.
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I have a Dell Axim with WM5 and it will hard reset after three incorrect pin entries. So any data in the device's ROM is fairly secure. I'm not sure if that's a function of WM5 or the Axim.
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Look at Sentry CE for encrypting your removable media. Much like TrueCrypt, it encrypts the whole volume, but it has both WM and PC software so you can use the removable media on mobile and desktop platforms. It's been a few years since I used a WM device, but it was extremely handy when I did.
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