Blasted internal IPs
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WindowsAdminFilter - I've got a small, single controller Active Directory domain comprised entirely of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition boxes. Things are ticking along nicely, bar one aggravating DNS problem. Namely, the boxes all have multiple interfaces, one of which I want to show up in DNS, the rest of which I don't...but for some reason, I get the address I want, plus a couple (but not all) of the other ones.

I've already unchecked 'Register this connection's addresses' on the the DNS tab under the Advanced TCP/IP Settings for all the connections whose address I don't want to see in DNS, and I've tried deleting the unwanted addresses from the forward lookup zone using the DNS manager, but I can't seem to keep them from re-appearing.
Any thoughts?
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Are you using DHCP for the interfaces that are giving you trouble? The Windows DHCP service has settings to register computers in DNS.
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More specifically, open the DHCP MMC, open the relevant scope in the tree. Right click the scope, select properties. Go to the DNS tab. Is "Always update A and PTR records" selected?
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Response by poster: Nope. All of the addresses are static and the controller isn't running DHCP services. That's good to know if we end up going for DHCP at some point though.
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Next step would probably be to check the relevant group policy settings. RSoP is your friend.
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I'd start by asking why you are hooking up multiple interface to the same subnet on the same box. What are you trying to achieve?
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