Get the baby out, now!
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Anyone have any thoughts (experiences) on natural ways to persuade an overdue baby to make it's appearance? (and yes I know that one...!)
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Short of injecting her with pitocin, there isn't much you can do but sit back and "enjoy" the anticipation. When our second child was overdue we heard and tried everything under the sun, and nothing worked. When the baby's done cooking, it'll get itself born. As our OB said, "I've never had one that didn't come out eventually."
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When my wife was with our first child and became somewhat overdue, our doctor suggested a horseback ride or something similar. Not having access to a horse, we did have a four wheel drive vehicle. We found a rather gentle field, nothing to rough and went bounding about. Had a great time.

Our daughter was born a day later.
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Spicy Thai food
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My friend's mom moved an oven. I suspect a doctor would not recommend that.
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I assume you've heard the castor oil, evening primrose oil, etc. type treatments.

If not, I suggest Googling them - I'd rather not make a recommendation here for something I've never tried. However, I do have friends that swear by castor oil.

Mind you, I am not a doctor.
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Heather Armstrong of fame has a nice illustrated story at Fray recounting her baby-inducement measures - none of which worked, but it may help you pass the time if you haven't already read it. Long live Leta, the internet niece of thousands of strangers!
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Surefire Birth Recipe from the Phillips Phile

(Directions must be followed exactly)

1. The pregnant mother MUST be past her due date.

2. The father* of the unborn child MUST purchase a newbox of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (the original elbows with the powdered cheese in the blue box), and a bottle of A-1 Steak Sauce.

3. The father* MUST make the entire box of Mac. & Cheese while the mom-to-be sits on her fat ass.

4. The mother can add as much or as little (the more, the better) A1 Steak Sauce to the Mac. & Cheese.

5. The mother MUST eat as much of the Mac. & Cheese as she can, preferably the entire box.

6. The proud father* should start packing the bags and warming up the car because mom will be in labor within 24 hours.

* Note: Any male figure will do if the father is in prison or in the witness protection program.

The surefire recipe is guaranteed to work, (at least 9 out of 10 times) And if it doesn't, it means YOU screwed it up!
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It will come when it comes. Be thankful it's not the middle of a long, hot summer...

Meanwhile, good luck with the birth, and I hope it's a wonderful experience for both of you, and the child currently within.
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Response by poster: thanks for thoughts and suggestions - from what I've read on the net it seems like everyone swears by whatever they did the night before baby arrived.... I guess the only real way is to wait it out!
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Interesting link from a mushroom article I came across today...

huitlacoche = cuitlacoche = corn smut = maize mushroom = maizteca mushroom = Mexican truffle Notes: This is a fungus that forms black kernels on ears of corn in damp weather. It's a prized delicacy in Mexico, and tastes a bit like wild mushrooms. You can get it fresh or frozen by mail order, or canned in some Hispanic markets. WARNING: May cause contractions in pregnant women.
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Nipple stimulation. It works.

A nurse told my sister-in-law to massage or otherwise stimulate her nipples (or have someone else do it) when she was a week overdue. Her water broke in less than an hour. My sister-in-law passed this invaluble information on to three more people; it worked for all of them, all within minutes or hours.

Don't forget that due dates are speculative. Everyone is basically just throwing a dart at a day on the calender based on when someone tells them that they last menstruated. It's not unusual to be a week or more off in either direction. Good luck - let us know what happens!
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a long, stompy walk followed by a dose of evening primrose oil.
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I was a bit late being born and my mom was growing impatient. She couldn't sleep very well and one morning at about 5:00 AM decided to go out for a walk. My dad dragged himself out of bed as well and the two of them walked among the staring garbagemen. Well, it was more of a waddle really, as i was a pretty big baby. Anyway, just as they are about to turn around the contractions start. Not wanting to risk her walking back my dad ran home, called the midwife, picked up mom and drove her home. A few hours later, there i was.

Or so it has been told.
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Some good hot lovin' will do the trick if the baby is really overdue, which sort of ties in with iconomy's suggestion, I guess. No matter what you do, the baby will come when it is ready and forcing the issue can make the labour more difficult in some situations, as the mother's body needs to be ready to go - artificially bringing on contractions can make the first stages of labour longer and more difficult.

The best thing an overdue mother can do is sleep - she will need all the energy she can get for not only the labour but the next 18 years or so, so savour it while you can get it.
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If baby is ripe, castor oil is likely to tip the scales, but it depletes the pregnant body of energy and potentially nutrients. If baby is that close to arriving, its better to appear when the mother is strong and rested, not wiped out. Not that it's possible to feel completely rested anyway at this stage, but keep to attempts that won't cause the body to be uncomfortable for several hours.

-nipple stimulation
-driving on a bumpy road/sitting on the washing machine
-begin a detailed long-term project. . .

Warm thoughts to the family!
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I really don't think ingesting castor oil, primrose oil, etc is a very good idea. If that shit's going to wreak such havoc on the female body as to cause it to go into contractions, what the heck does it do to the baby?

I bet the long-term project would work. Start doing something really important that can't be interrupted. Murphy's Law will kick in almost immediately.
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I think I tried all of the above when I was two weeks overdue with my son.

I did hear about something my midwife called a "Stretch and Sweep" which (guys, don't look) basically explains itself, with the midwife using her fingers to stretch the cervix.

I had a very stubborn baby, though and it took three tries with the pitocin before anything actually happened. So I guess the moral of the story is that there really is nothing you can do, except wait impatiently.

Oh, wait. Go with fff's idea and start doing something. I was watching a movie while waiting for the pitocin to kick in, and went into labour about half an hour from the end. :)
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Response by poster: The threat of induction seemed to do the trick, it arrived the day before it was booked, a healthy baby boy, 13 days late.....

Thanks for all your kind words of support - it's what ask's all about.
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