He Shot, He Scored! (Way Back When)
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I'm looking for a table hockey game (rod hockey, not air hockey) that I played as a wee 'un back in the 80s. It featured a super-slick surface, 3D players, an electronic timer (and goal counter), and a behind-the-net left winger.

I believe it was Swedish--it may have been a Stiga game--but can't seem to track this game down. I've checked the Stiga sites, as well as TableHockeyHeaven and the like, and no luck.

I ask, of course, because my son has reached the age where this would make a plausible gift for him (but an even cooler one for me).

BTW, this painfully beautiful wave of nostalgia was inspired by a (deleted) MetaFilter post.
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Other than the behind the net left winger, sounds like superchexx to me. The one I played a lot was USA v. USSR and you could hit a boo button.
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Best answer: You said you checked TableHockeyHeaven, but it sounds like the Stiga Pro Hockey Electronic. We had one as a kid (in Sweden), so I don't know if they sold them internationally.
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Chex Bubble Hockey They're available on Ebay. Fun game.
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Response by poster: Stiga Pro Hockey Electronic

::jaw drops::

That's it! Bless you rpn, that's awesome!

Taksomiket (I think)
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YamwotIam, it was my post that got deleted. My cousin's husband makes these amazing big table hockey games. He calls it the Ultimate Hockey Table. (Yes I know it is kind of a self-link, but it seemed appropriate here).
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Response by poster: No complaints from me, bove. Those are gorgeous games. May I ask why he started making them?
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