Can FileMaker read from SQL?
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Can FileMaker read from a SQL database? I've talked to (SQL) developers and they can't find a way to do it.

I have a FileMaker 8 database which is hosted online (i.e. not just on my local computer). Separately I have a SQL database also online.

I'd like a script within the FileMaker database - or any way to do this within FileMaker, doesn't have to be ScriptMaker - such that the FileMaker database will reach into the SQL database and read some data.

I know there's some vague mention of ODBC in the FileMaker manual, but my developers can't figure out a way for FileMaker to do the above. Any help?
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Best answer: It depends - are you hosting it directly, or is there a provider/service involved?

Here is a quick link about ODBC support.
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You can import and export between Fielmaker and SQL, but it's not always simple and clean.
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Best answer: Are you running FileMaker Server? I believe you need that for ODBC support, not just a client.
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Best answer: Have you asked around on I don't have an answer for you, but some of the folks on that forum have just been outstandingly helpful in clearing up my weird FMP questions. If FileMaker doesn't pay them, well, they should.

Just do some searching first to make sure your question hasn't been answered. I think that what you want to do requires going through the ODBC functions, but I could be wrong.
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Right at the top of my Google search was this $100 solution.
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Right at the top of my Google search was this $100 solution.

Which is a migration tool, which is not what the poster is asking for.

If you don't know anything about the topic, don't blindly run a Google search and conclude that everyone else is a moron who missed the obvious.
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As opposed to merely a moron who fails to recognise that read-only access and data porting are semantically almost the same thing?
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Late return; Filemaker 9 has just been released, and connects directly to SQL dBs. YoU may need the 'advanced' version.

Oh, and fmpromigrator sucks.
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