Looking for a coffee maker like the one at the Westin
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Where can I find the personal 12 oz. coffee maker like I used while staying at the Westin Ottawa for purchase?

Just recently I was staying at the Ottawa Westin, and they had a lovely in-room coffee maker that you poured 12 oz. of water in, put in a coffee "pod", and pressed a button for a 12 oz. cup of coffee. The coffee maker itself was very small, with only a single "brew" button on it.

I don't remember the brand, or anything else about it - so it's possible it's exclusive to the hotel. If anyone remembers/is familiar with this type of coffee maker, I'd love to buy one for use at home.
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I don't know the specific model the Westin uses, but it sounds like from your question that you are not familar with the category of this type of coffeemaker.

Google for 'single serve coffee maker' (or 'pod coffee maker' and you should get dozens of results -- the site http://www.singleservecoffee.com/ may be useful.

Perhaps you might spot the particular pod maker you used on there?

As an fyi, when and if you make the purchase, pods can quite often be bought very cheaply on Amazon.
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This is the Melitta pod coffee brewer; it's one of the more popular brands. I had a traditional Melitta for years.

If you want the exact brand/model, though, you'd be best off contacting the hotel. Most likely Westin buys them by the truckload.
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I've phoned the Westin. The front desk said they'd get back to me soon.
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I've not stayed at a Westin for a very long time but I'm going to guess its a Bodum. I have the 1-cup press pot and its fabulous.
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You might want to look into the Keurig brand regardless of the brand the Westin uses, we've used the same machine for over two years at work and it still functions without problem. When looking at alternatives, be sure to look at how you get the coffee and what the brands are. Keurig has a pretty good selection, including Green Mountain, Ghirardelli , Twinings Tea, etc.
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http://www.erwyn.com/ is a hotel supply company; they seem to carry something similar to your description:

CM12B Single Serve Coffee Maker, 1-cup coffee maker, 8 - 12 oz capacity, auto-off, 800 watts, Black.


You'll need to call them directly to order (no ecommerce yet).
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Someone on mefi recently posted a way to make your own coffee pods.
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I recently bought a cool Cuisinart coffee maker from Amazon. It comes with 2 stainless steel travel mugs, with covers. You can brew one cup or two, just place the cup(s) on the base, and by the time you're done brushing your teeth, voila! Run out the door with your hot tasty mug o' joe. Uses cone-type filters, though.
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