How to package a book with a DVD to sell as one product?
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How would you go about packaging an existing, published book (with an ISBN) with an existing movie on DVD (without a UPC) for sale as a single item on Amazon and elsewhere?

The book was released a few years back, and is very well received in its genre, while the movie is relatively new and not yet on Amazon.

I'm in contact with the book's author and the movie's writer/director, and they have asked me to help in getting these two items packaged together to sell as one product.

This article from Kevin Kelly helps with getting a DVD or book on Amazon, but has no mention of what I'm trying to do.

Short of getting a bunch of copies of the book and a bunch of copies of the DVD and physically putting them in the same wrapper, what else needs to be done? Is there a company that will do this better (as in, more professionally) than I can? (This is in the U.S., FWIW.)
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Whoever it is that is your printer for your book should be able to package the DVD with it when they print the book. You can either shrink wrap it together, or have the dvd in a sleeve inside the cover.

You will need an ISBN for the book, a UPC for the DVD and then a new ISBN for the book/dvd combo package.
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