History blogs?
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Favorite blogs about history?

I just started a blog about the regional (SF Bay Area) history of activism, movements, and politics. Who are my people? What other blogs should I check out? Is there a People's History of the United States of the blog world?

I'll happily accept recommendations for any type of history-related blog if it's well-written or well-liked. Thanks all!
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The BIG one is Cliopatra, a group history blog. Lots going on there.

I also like Rhine River - a blog about German (mostly Alsatian, actually) history, literature, and culture by a guy working on his dissertation.
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Early modern history stuff:
I like Boston 1775 a lot. The Long Eighteenth is also fantastic. Eighteenth Century Reading Room has some fascinating documents.

And, of course, Samuel Pepys' Diary.

I also have a newish history blog (in profile).
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Strange Maps is fascinating.
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historylink.org is a great encyclopedia of Washington State History. Contains photos, essays, personal accounts etc. Well worth exploring.
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I'm a regular at Frog in a Well and the UK has the People's History Museum though that's not really a blog.
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I like Shorpy for historical photographs.
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Thanks everyone - all very helpful links. Especially the manilion history blog links in that last link there.
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