A Cabin with a Kitchen?
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My girlfriend and I are planning a weekend get away . The place we normally go for a quick break is booked the only weekend we have free this summer. Does anyone have any recommendations. This is what we are looking for:

-A cabin/cottage that has space around it (rather than being right next to another cabin/cottage)
-Less than 3 hours outside Boston
-Less than $80 a night
-Has a kitchen with oven/burners (this is a must)
-Hopefully has a fireplace

We have checked out places online, but it is hard to really get a feel for a place based on pictures, review websites, or the owner's own description. That is why I am looking to you for a MeFi approved mini-vacation spot. And, I have searched the archives, and noted that people have asked similar questions.

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Response by poster: oops, 2 errors in my post above:

1. Sorry, I should have put that we are looking for a place near Boston in the title.

2. I didn't finish the last sentence...in the archives, I could not find any recommendations that included a cottage with a kitchen.
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I don't know anything about the Boston area, and I know very little about cabins with kitchens and/or fireplaces, but I feel the need to mention that by linking to it in the body of your post, you have not decreased the likelihood that your favorite place will again be booked the next time you want it.
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Response by poster: That might be true. I thought about it when posting and decided that for all the assistance MeFi has given me in the past, it was worth giving the recommendation. (And, this will hopefully remind me to book my future weekends there further ahead of time.)
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