Is there an easier way to switch monitor modes with my Macbook Pro?
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Is there an easier way to switch monitor modes with my Macbook Pro?

I recently purchased an external monitor to go along with my C2D Macbook Pro. Sometimes I like to use it in dual-monitor mode (e.g. when editing photos in Aperture) and sometimes I like to use just the external monitor in closed-lid mode (e.g. watching movies in VLC.)

As far as I can tell, switching between these two modes is annoying. To go to closed-lid mode, I need to close the lid, plug in the monitor, wake the computer with my Bluetooth mouse, and then open the lid so I can use the keyboard and to protect against possible heat damage. It's a bit annoying, since sometimes it won't wake from sleep or it takes 20-30 seconds to wake. To go to dual-monitor mode, I've got to unplug the monitor and re-plug in the monitor. I'm uneasy about what doing this a couple times a day over several years might do to the plug.

My question: Is there a utility/script I can run so I can just double click on an icon/press some key combination and switch between these different monitor modes?
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I (with a vanilla macbook) just go to the little monitor icon in the top right corner, and select either 'mirrored mode' (ie VLC for vids) or not mirrored mode (ie extended desktop).

Do you have a little monitor icon? I'm guessing you may need to switch it on from monitor preferences.
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Switch on the monitor taskbar icon, and use InsomniaX.
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Instead of switching back and forth, couldn't you just drop the backlight brightness all the way down on the built-in screen when you want to watch a movie on the external screen? Your mouse may get "lost" on the other screen occasionally, but it's a small price to pay for avoiding the switching dance.
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Doesn't the F7 button do something like this? Apple mentions it here in the "On The Go" section.
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