WRT45G v6 as wireless bridge?
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I have several machines without wireless cards in my basement, a wireless network upstairs, and a WRT45G v6 wireless router I'm not using. Can I merge these all into one big happy network?

I gather what I need to do is turn the WRT45G into a wireless bridge. I also gather there is open source firmware available to allow that. I'm unclear on whether I can install any of this firmware on version 6 of the WRT45G. Most of what I've read suggests I can't, but I've seen some suggestions that it may be possible. I tried installing something from Sveasoft's public firmwares and got an error message from the router saying it won't work. A previous AskMe thread suggests there is hope, but the linked page is currently empty. So is there any way to get this working? I'm running OS X if that's relevant.
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Best answer: I did a bit of poking around at the wiki referenced from the earlier thread, and found the following DD-WRT page: Version 5 And 6 Router Information. That page has several links to instructions on installing DD-WRT micro on a v.6 WRT45G, here is the first of the links: Upgrading to Linux from a VX Works Router. Pay attention to the warnings on the DD-WRT wiki page and the WRTrouters page.
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Tomato FAQ
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Response by poster: RichardP, thanks, I guess I'll try following those instructions from Windows after I get Parallels running. I was hoping there was a simpler, less risky solution I just hadn't found.

TomMelee, thanks but, "Note: Most WRT54G and WRT54GS (not WRT54GL) sold in stores right now are the v5.0+ variety and will not work with Tomato."
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I've found that buffalo routers are quite nifty and are upgradable to dd-wrt.

Furthermore, you should be able to purchase a 5-port workgroup switch from newegg and run one cable from the middle floor (wi-fi router) down to the basement. Then plug that one cable into the switch and all the other computers into that. That way you only have to pay for cabling and a $20 switch and not (less reliable, slow, expensive) wireless. The device above ground should get better signal anywho, so place the router closer to where the computers using it will be.
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I can confirm that the buffalo tech router works well. I bought it at Circuit City for $25 and then upgraded the firmware to the open sourced dd-wrt which has bridge functionality.
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I've got a wrt54gl flashed with dd-wrt running as a bridge -- it's a little quirky to set up if I remember right, but it works flawlessly. Basically, the dd-wrt machine becomes a client on the wireless network and all the wired stuff connects in behind it as a separate subnet.
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Yes, you can flash a v6 router - I asked this question last week, (sort of) but found my way to your answer. Here is the answer I got, and it worked great.

You can also buy these preloaded on Ebay for around $30 US.
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