Disposal of non-usable CDs
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How does one responsibly dispose of a stack of outdated CDs?

Let's say we have a hundred or three CDs: some pressed, some CDR and some CDRW. And let's also say that none are audio CDs or of the nature that can be donated to the local library or school. No cases or covers, just the plain discs but no privacy issues either.

There is no need to destroy them but just the desire to dispose of them in some eco-friendly way. Just dumping them into the garbage pail doesn't seem too responsible.

Any ideas?
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101 Things To Do With Old CDs
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My daughter's marching band uses cast-off CDs for markers when they learn drills. Each kid needs 10-15, multiplied by over 100 kids = a lot of CDs every year. So, you could ask the local high school if they need them.
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It's harder to reply without knowing where you live. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'd recommend dropping them off with Green Citizen.

Earth911 is a good resource for recycling information for all sorts of items, for the entire USA.
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Best answer: I listed a box of 100 discs on eBay under craft supplies (e.g. for mosaics). Only got one bid but postage was additional so I got it to someone who wanted it at no cost to me.
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Best answer: there's always freecycle
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In addition to the website amyms posted mentioning birds, you can hang them around your garden to scare off deer. You can also crochet around them for coasters, if you prefer crocheting to sewing. You can take one, punch holes evenly around the edges, and then use string (starting with a short piece and getting progressively longer) to hang more, for a kind of psudo wind chime (it won't make much noise but it'll be shiny).
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You might check out this FPP of mine.
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Response by poster: I live in Toronto so unfortunately, US based groups like Earth911 and Green Citizen are not as helpful. hazel's link to freecycle has a few Toronto communities though so I'll hoping someone will want a few hundred CDs for craft supplies.

I considered making some crafts with them but I simply have too many CDs I want to be rid of. (Incidentally, I have the sudden need to dispose of a few hundred CDs because I just went through spring cleaning and have been trying to dispose of everything I don't need.)
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How about stacking all of them, getting a lamp kit from a hardware (or lighting) store, and making a unique table lamp?
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Send them to the troops silly, your "unwanted" is their 'new and interesting"
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