Make my Google Reader Readable again.
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My Google Reader page format is totally borked. Help me figure out why and how to fix it.

I can access it just dandy from any other computer, but at some point over this weekend something happened and the page view from my main/work laptop is totally screwy.

Instead of the left nav/ main page appearing as usual, I get the left nav and a blank page - until I scroll down. Then my content appears, but it's not formatted with the normal buttons and none of the keyboard shortcuts work.

Part of the way down the page there appears to be formatting code.

Any ideas as to what I did and more importantly, how can I fix this?

1. The top of the page.
2. Where the content starts
3. Where the code appears and things get really messy.
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Best answer: Doesn't look like a problem with Google Reader settings. Seems more like either Firefox has switched to some weird settings, or it's lost or garbled the stylesheet.

Have you tried refreshing it? Try going to Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cache -> Clear Cache Now. Then try going to Google Reader again.
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Try it from a clean profile ("firefox -p" from the command line). The odds are good that one of your extensions is b0rking things up.
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I think it's likely an extension issue. Things like Adblock, Greasemonkey, Stylish, etc. might be applying some kind of global rule that's blocking or reinterpreting the site styles or javascript files.

(My first guess would be that Adblock is blockinging something that meant to hide Google ads but it's being applied too aggressively and so is hitting some other Google-based content.)

Either start with a fresh profile or just disable all of your extensions and then re-enable them one by one to find the culprit (assuming they are to blame).
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Dittos on the profile. Definitely looks like something Greasemonkey would do...
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Response by poster: I've not installed any extensions. Nor do I use Greasemonkey. Any other thoughts?
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Best answer: Have you tried clearing your cache, as suggested above?
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Response by poster: chrisamiller - I did earlier, seemingly to no avail. However, I think it must have worked after I rebooted. Or something must have righted itself since I started up again, cause now it's back to normal. Thanks to all.
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