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Any recommendations on a good gaming mouse?

The Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer has served me well through two iterations, but with my latest mouse's demise I've decided to try something different. Ideally, I'd like something right-handed, solid scroll wheel (my main problem with the Intellimouse has been the fuzzy reaction of the scroll wheel), ~5 buttons, and corded.

I play Battlefield 2142 pretty much exclusively, so something geared towards First-Person Shooters is preferred.

Any feedback on the various Razer Mice would be much appreciated, as my natural tendency is to write them off as hype over substance.
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Best answer: First of all, it has to be corded.

I absolutely love my Logitech MX518 (I have 3 of them). And I do not recommend the Logitech G5.

I wasnt a fan of the Razer Mice.
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I was not at all impressed with the razer boomslang. It didn't seem any better than the plain old optical mice I tend to buy. I'm not a heavy duty twitch gamer though.
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I've have a Razer Cooperhead, Diamondback, and have recently upgraded to Death Adder.

I have to say I've never been let down by any of them. I use them for bf2142 all the time and they're great. Adjusting sensitivity on the fly is great to have for sniping, to fishtailing pods, and for controlling vehichles. I also love they way the fit my hand, very comfortable.

I also have a G5 that works well but I just don't like the feel of it compared to the Razer mice.
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I'll second the Logitech mx510 or 518. They are superb mice and quite comfortable.

BTW, they are identical except the 518 has a 1600 dpi sensor and can toggle between 1600, 800 and 400 dpi modes. The 510 is only 800.
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Yeah, the 518 is the way to go. The dpi modes thing I don't use much, but my wife loves it because she doesn't like my normal mouse speed and it lets her adjust it from the mouse itself.

Honestly, though, I don't find much of a benefit from the "gaming" features or extra buttons, even though I play 2142 regularly. It's just a nice mouse.
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I really don't understand why people still use traditional mice, when you can get a trackball. Yes, they take a little time to get used to, but you ultimately end up having a much more convenient mouse (You don't need to constantly move it back to keep it from falling off your desk). They're also extremely responsive, even more so than a traditional mouse, in my opinion. Check out Logitech's awesome Trackman Wheel Optical. I don't think you'll regret it.
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Response by poster: While it works for some people, I used a trackball on a friend's LAN setup for months and I never got the same accuracy as using a mouse. I suppose I just don't have the fine thumb motor control for it.
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I use a Razer Diamondback (prior to that a Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical, for many years); hypersensitive, light (it's corded), and easy to pick up between my thumb and little finger. I liked it so much at home I got one for work (not that I game at work ;) ). The red lit plastic sides really don't do much for its looks unfortunately.
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(P.S., I got both of mine free; I've seen it in stores for $AUD99.95 but I seriously doubt I would pay that much for it.)
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I recommend the corded Logitech G5. The adjustable weight gimmick is quite possibly the weirdest gimmick I've seen that actually works as advertised.
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518 here.
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Been using the MX518 for two years, and haven't found anything better.
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Oh, and you might want to get a smooth teflon mousepad for it (like the func pads, which have the cord clip) and cover the mouse with teflon mouse skates.
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Partner won a free G5, I liked it so much, I got the cordless G7, which is mostly wonderful, but only mostly. The gimmick of 2 batteries and a charging station is fantastic. The wheel doesn't function properly as a middle button (due to being read as a sideways command). Alas, the G7 is discontinued. I gather gamers don't like cordless? (the cordless feature adds no trouble other than having to switch batteries, which they warn about). Oh, minor annoyance in that getting the batter in either the charger or the mouse isn't as easy as it should be. (slides in, doesn't always want to lock).
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I'd recommend the Logitech MX518 or the Razer Deathadder.
The MX518 has excellent build quality and very good technology. The Deathadder has the best tech in the business but the build quality varies.

Also, consider getting a decent mousepad. Check out SteelSeries, QPad and Everglide for that.
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