Spare time in New Bedford....
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Looking for unique places to visit in New Bedford area- especially dining.

I will be in the area for the 4th.
Was looking for a great place to eat in the area (and from info in prev posts -> including Fairhaven). Could be upscale- or could also just be unique to the area - great hole-in-the-wall, great diner or something like that.

Also ... anything we shouldn't miss while we have a day with nothing to do?

(We like nature, antiques, history, strolling about and the like - just low-key stuff)
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I had a good day there once when I went to the Whaling Museum and then had dinner at Antonio's.
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Second the whaling museum, although it should be pointed out that they do not, in fact, allow you to whale.
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Fall River is the next town over. They have the Lizzie Borden house if you're into things like that. (I would be.)
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2nding antonio's. its a great local portaguese restaurant.
man is it good.
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Diner eats at Angelo's Orchid Diner on the corner of Rockdale and Kempton (better IMO than the Shawmut Diner).

Cheap, good fried seafood at Horta's on Cove Street; slightly more upscale seafood at Davy's Locker on East Rodney French.

Down-home Portuguese at Vasco da Gama on Dartmouth Street (go across the street to the market afterwards and pick up some cheap vinho verde and linguiƧa and chouriƧo). Antonio's is also good, as mentioned above.
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My sister and I just went driving around New Bedford looking for a decent place to eat and found the Inner Bay Cafe and Grill totally by accident and loved it. It has Portuguese food, good seafood and some interesting things in the menu (the specials menu had rabbit and octopus on it, I got chicken mozambique and it was great). It's not upscale per se, but it's nice and has a good wine list and music on weekends. We got out of there for under $40 but we're not drinkers. The Whaling Museum is also a good time and has a neat whale skeleton that leaks real whale oil. Here are my photos of the place.
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I had dinner at a Thai place called The Spicy Lime. Very good stuff.

And the whaling museum is definitely awesome. I can't talk too much about other stuff because I was there in the off-season.
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Best answer: Glad to see so many excellent opinions about places back home! I agree wholeheartedly with all the recommendations made by folks above, especially Antonio's and the Whaling Museum. The Orchid Diner is very good but I must admit that I'm partial to the Shawmut Diner as I've been going there ever since I was old enough to remember... Also, Lydia's bakery on Acushnet Ave should certainly be on your itinerary for some tasty Portuguese snacks.

A couple other thoughts -- the Rotch Jones Duff House is worth a visit if you're in the general vicinity. If you find yourself in NB on July 7-8, the Summerfest would be a fun time as well. Also, drop into the Unitarian Church in Fairhaven for a look around. It's a beautiful building more suited to a European city than Southeastern Mass.

Should you wander over to Fall River, Battleship Cove is worth checking out. And if you're there, just nearby is my absolute favourite restaurant in the area, Waterstreet Cafe -- a wonderful, eclectic spot with incredibly good food.

Have fun and do let us know how you make out.
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