Poconos Romance...Does It Exist?
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My wife and I are new to the Poconos area (East Stroudsburg, PA, to be exact), and we're looking for something nice to do on our upcoming 5th wedding anniversary. Anyone from the area, or who's been to the area have any suggestions? We're thinking a nice dinner and then perhaps a show somewhere (if that's even an option). We're willing to drive an hour or so (but not much more) away.
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I haven't lived there in about 5 years but when I did, the Muir House in Milford was nice. Well within your target area. Actually Milford is a nice day trip, lots of antique stores and such. Not sure about a show though.

Actually, I just looked at the Muir House website and I know the people who own it now, although it's a different chef than when I was there. It's definitely a nice romantic location and the owners are fabulous people.
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I agree with Miss Tea about Milford being a worthy day trip. I live about an hour away from you, and so my recommendations are a bit farther out than Milford, but here goes:
Andre's is a tiny, romantic restaurant in my quaint little hometown of Newton, and Zoe’s by the Lake is another romantic restaurant in a gorgeous location the next town over. I’ve eaten in excellent restaurants from NYC to the West Coast, and these two are very high caliber – definitely worth the drive! Another great restaurant that’s a bit closer to you is Mattar’s. I haven’t been there myself, but I’ve heard and read rave reviews.

In terms of dinner and a show, the only thing that’s coming to mind is this, which might not suit you. Those performances are in Madison, which has tons of restaurants directly across the street from the theater, but if you drive up a couple of miles to the next town you’ll have even better dinner choices, such as Serenade.
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Dinner at Saen's, then the Pajama Game at the Shawnee Playhouse. Both are right around the corner from you.
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The PA Shakespeare Festival is doing "Amadeus" right now, and it's less than an hour from you. I didn't go to DeSales, so I can't speak for dinner options in the area.
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I can't believe no one's recommended beautiful Mount Airy Lodge. OK..I'm not even sure it's still there but the commercials for the Poconos with the couple in the champagne shaped bathtub were among the most memorable of my childhood in NYC.
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