The Last American?
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BookFilter: Looking for a post-apocalyptic novel that I thought was called "The Last American" but apparently isn't.

From memory it was about a guy who took his family to a summer camp and it was like a wilderness survival thing for the first year with him and his wife and sons. Then a carrier comes through and the virus kills his family but he survives and becomes a carrier as well. It then follows his travels through the post-apocalyptic states with very World War Z things like astronauts stuck in space and submarines sending in landing parties. I may have some of these details muddled up with other books. But I am sure that in the end it had him piloting a plane across the Bering Strait and Russia having to nuke him to stop him bringing their virus back to them. I could've sworn it was called The Last American but the only two by that title are futuristic Sci-fi, it's bugging me now.
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the beginning (with the summer camp) sounds kinda like The Earth Abides, but it doesn't have anything like the nuke / plane / etc.
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The astronauts stuck in space sound like "Lucifer's Hammer."

The submarine landing party sounds like "Footfall."

The rest of it sounds like I-Have-No-Idea.
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More to rule out:
The White Plague (Frank Herbert) has a plague that kills women only created by a guy after the IRA kills his family. He travels across the world then, and has to be stopped.
The Ringway Virus comes about because a little girl with leukaemia gets insecticide on her. Survivors include airplane crash survivors in deep dark New Guinea, and Australian doctors who decide to take a boat and find a remote island.
Mary Shelley also wrote an apocalyptic book called the Last Man which involved a plague but I doubt she had airplanes in it.
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Many candidates here. Good luck.
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Best answer: Possibly The Last Canadian.
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The Last Canadian. Sounds like TorontoSandy has it.
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Ha! That review is spot-on.

I remembered liking this book when I first read it as a kid, but picking it up later made me feel like I had cooties on my hand and in my brain from the terrible writing and worse mindset of the author.
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Response by poster: Wow. Thanks!

I guess I won't be re-reading it.
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