Maybe this is all just glorified procrastination.
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I use GTD, and I am getting a bit tired of Entourage for my Mac (mainly the interface), and I am considering a web-based solution like Remember The Milk, Backpack, or Vitalist, or even built-in stuff like iCal and The problem is that I want it all to work with a Treo 650, so there is

I have used Palm devices since 1998, so I have a hard time imagining using other means of organization, and I suck at paper planning.

Outlook worked well for me, but I switched to the Mac, and I have been using Entourage, mainly because after two weeks of trying, it was the only thing that my Treo would sync with properly, even after trying Palm Desktop, iSync, and MissingSync.

I am kind of tired of Entourage, because it, well, is Entourage. It just never caught on with my like Outlook did (and no, I don't want to put Windows on my Mac).

I really like the ease of Remember the Milk, Backpack, Vitalist, and the Google apps. I like how easy adding tasks is, and being able to access stuff from any computer, but I still want to carry my stuff with me when I am away from the Mac.

Since this stuff is web-based, would Blazer work with it? I can't test it myself, because I don't currently have a data plan.

Or if you can get me straight with the Treo with the stock Mac apps, that would be great too.

Or if you are a Mac user and have an easy way to have your dates/contacts/lists when you are away from the Mac, let me know that as well.

As always, thanks for you time and insight.
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It appears that the Treo 650 works, tweaking required, with iSync. This means that it will sync via bluetooth with Address Book, Mail, and iCal. Sounds like a winner to me!
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Stay far away from iSync. The solution I've found to work is a combination relying mostly on extensions on the built in apps. I use for my email but I put in MailTags and Mail Act-On. I can easily tag my mail. More importantly, iGTD can get new tasks from whenever I hit F6. This way, if an email is actionable, I just hit F6 to make a task.

I use iGTD to handle all my contexts and projects. It's very easy to use and integrates nicely with quicksilver. I sync all of this up using Missing Sync. It handles turning my contexts into categories on my Palm. Don't even bother with Palm Desktop and iSync. It's flaky and it doesn't handle things like categories well.

Just my 2-cents but it works great for me.
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Tasktoy has a nice mobile interface, and is low-cost on data connections.
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