Where Can I Practice Tennis for Free?
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Anyone know where I can hit some tennis balls in the upper east side area of Manhattan for free? Just need a good wall to practice against before I start playing matches again.

Would preferably like an enclosed space made for hitting tennis balls (ie, NOT just the side of some random building), though a school yard could be perfectly acceptable. And I don't want to pay for anything or get a permit yet.
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I know this isn't ideal for you, but a few blocks from the Greenpoint Avenue stop on the G train (a short trip from the UES) there are some huge concrete warehouses by the waterfront where I commonly see people practicing tennis and playing racquetball.

I know it's not really what you want, but feel free to email me for more details.
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Handball Courts!
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That last link was just Manhattan, but here's all 5 boroughs.

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