Specific categories for specific users in Wordpress
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Attention, Wordpress folks: I am looking for suggestions on how to let specific users write new posts only in specific categories.

For instance, if Joe is logged in, I want Joe to only be able to post in Joe's Town category. Likewise, I might want Pete to only be able to post to Pete's Town, and so on.

I am aware of the Limit Categories plugin - however, it seems as though that will only create limitations around user roles (editor, author, contributor, etc). I need specific user settings based on their login, not their role.

Is anyone aware of a way to do this? Many thanks in advance.
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How many contributors are you talking about? There is a Role Manager plugin that, along with the limit categories plugin, would be best for a large number of contributors.

(You can create new roles, i.e. "Joe's Town Authors" which would have all the capabilities of a regular author but could be selected as a role that is only able to post in Joe's Town via Limit Categories. That way, new contributors can simply be assigned that role instead of adding a userID each time.)
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Response by poster: Could be a large number of contributors - at least several dozen, and a hundred is quite possible. Maybe even more.
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