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A dozen drunken idiots? Bachelor party help.

I need to setup my brother's bachelor party for the first weekend in August, the 3rd through the 5th, which is going to take place somewhere in the tri-state area. He seems to want it to be a weekend long affair, something fun on Friday or Saturday night, and then an event the day after, possibly paintball, but that's about all he's offered. He does not want to do anything too cliche, eg. strip clubs, NYC bar crawls or gambling in AC. He expressed interest in going to a baseball game, but the Phils, O's and Mets are out of town that weekend; the Yankees are home, but are a tough ticket to get. I need some more ideas for something we can do, there will be a dozen of us, and alcohol will need to be involved at some point. The idea I recently brought up to him was women's roller derby in Philadelphia but he wasn't too keen. Thanks.
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You could go see the Brooklyn Cyclones.
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And if you want to start early, Daft Punk is playing in Brooklyn on August 2!
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How about Coney Island? Lots of stuff going on there, drinking, games, beach, rides, plus this is Coney Island's last year, so it will be something to remember.

You could do something fun in NYC the night before.
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It's funny how many places are considered "the tri-state area". I'm quite sure your tri-state area isn't the same as mine--lol.

Anyway, what we did for my friend's bachelor party was pretty awesome---we went to Dave and Barry's, the adult-video-game-and-restaurant place. I know they exist all over. They're a little pricey, but playing huge-climb-into-them games with your buds while drinking alcohol and having fun is teh awesomeness. Then we went to a hotel room and ordered a double room, and got it for like $40, and then we put 11 people in it. Also very fun.

Then we went paintballing the next day.
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What about ESPN Zone? I've set up events there and they are always a hit.

If your group is large enough you can get your own bar and an area of the restaurant to yourselves.
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I second the suggestion of a Brooklyn Cyclones game. The sun slowly setting, the breeze coming off the ocean, the fun of minor league goof-ups, the weirdly small-town feel -- I love seeing the Cyclones play, and I don't even like baseball. Added bonus that you can spend time mucking about Coney Island before the game.
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@ TomMelee: You must mean Dave and Buster's? Or you shop at Steve and Barry's? Or you are a fan of Dave Barry?
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Yes, your tri-state and my tri-state, while close, are not exactly the same I feel... Check for midnight movies, particularly the cult/interaction type (and no, not just RHPS). Nothing says guy fun like seeing Apocalypse Now/The Wall while buzzed and cheering...

As for during the day, I second minor league baseball. Much cheaper, just as fun, and way more laid back.
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The Cyclones game would be a great idea, it's a really neat little park and it's right on Coney Island - maybe if you wanted to go all sorts of crazy you could organize a scavenger hunt on Coney Island or something that would end right before the game started.
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Have everyone chip in a rent a party bus, which is basically a more manly limo. Have the music geek in the group create the ultimate drunk sing along mix CD, and just drive around drinking and listening to music and talking. Being at a bar or something with a bunch of guys is normal, having a driver that you can send all over while you fall allover eachother trying to pour drinks is memorable.
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Rent out a beach or lake cabin for the weekend.
Bring lots of alky.
Go waterskiing, canoeing, grill, sit out on the deck, swim.
If you do this in a resort town there will probably be bars around with live music for going out.
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Another vote for minor league ball -- Cyclones, Trenton Thunder, Newark Bears, whatever.

Other good bachelor parties I've been to: at Churrascaria Plataforma in Midtown you can eat huge quantities of meat and drink capirinhas, if he thinks the usual steak dinner is "too cliche." And go-cart racing. Go-cart racing is always good.
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Just wanted to chime in and say that Daft Punk is not an option because they are playing in Brooklyn on August 9, not August 2.

Also, how about camping and white water rafting in the Poconos, or skydiving at the Jersey shore?
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Three day canoe extravaganza that involves a campground, some rented canoes, several dozen cases of beer, some strange mixed drinks, nude inflatable dolls, and a casino somewhere near enough to completely total the groom's state of mind and cash.
If he goes home on Sunday able to eat anything but white rice, you have failed.
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For my brother's bachelor party, I took the whole crew to a gun range where we rented a fully automatic Thompson Submachine Gun. We had an instructor showing the ropes, a box of 1,000 rounds of ammo, and a wide variety of paper and stuffed animal targets. It was awesome! Everybody had a great time. Afterwards, we went to the track and bet on some horse races. (This was in Minneapolis, MN, but there are probably similar opportunities in your area.)
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For my buddies party, I made him a ball and chain, but I went an extra step and painted it black. (Sand first, clean, Krylon)

It was a big hit.
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Three day canoe extravaganza that involves a campground, some rented canoes, several dozen cases of beer, some strange mixed drinks, nude inflatable dolls, and a casino somewhere near enough to completely total the groom's state of mind and cash.

Don't forget the scary locals, a kid in a tree playing the banjo, and some pig calls...

Although a cabin's not a bad idea, as long as it was close enough to civilization to leave, and everyone liked the outdoors. Maybe a nice day fishing drinking to relax before the big day.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great suggestions
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Whatever you do, don't make custom shirts for everyone. You will look ridiculous.
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-go karts
-exotic car rental (Ferrari, lambo, etc...)
-Shooting guns is always fun. In Vegas they let you shoot M16's from the side of a helicopter as they fly around a field with targets. Anything like that where you live?
-Deep sea fishing
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