How to SSH/telnet into Windows command line?
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How can I SSH (or telnet) into my Windows machine (2000 and XP) and get a command line?
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First Hit on Google for SSH for Windows:

OpenSSH For Windows

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Cygwin has an SSH server. Normally it will dump you into a bash shell rather than CMD.COM but there might be a way to redirect it.
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You could always set your bash login script to run cmd.
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I recommend WinSSHd. Powerful and easy.
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Lifehacker on setting up OpenSSH via Cygwin. The OpenSSH for Windows package linked above is fairly old, so it's probably better to go with the Cygwin route if you want a free solution (WinSSHd appears to be far more convenient but costs money).
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For quick and dirty hackery (you mentioned telnet, so security is probably not #1 on your list here :) ), you can use the hacker's swiss-army knife - netcat!
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Second vote for WinSSHd, it even does a very nice job of auto-configuring port forwarding for Remote Desktop with its (free) partner SSH client Tunnelier. WinSSHd is one of the best software purchases I've ever made.
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Third vote for WinSSHD.
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In terms of the Telnet side of things, you could use the Georgia Softworks Telnet Server. It should give you a full Command Prompt over Telnet. Unfortunately, it costs $125.00
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There's always the Windows 2000 telnet server too.
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Does XP have a builtin telnet server, too?
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A quick google turns up freeSSHd.
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I'm often accessing my email via the command line. It's easy to ssh on a Mac. Its terminal program will do both telnet and ssh. However, when I'm on the road, I'd love to be able to ssh to my email account with some default (that is, already installed) app on a Windows machine as I usually can't install a new program (example: I'm at a conference and am using a Windows machine to access my email). Windows telnet doesn't seem to do ssh.

Is there no other way than to install a third party app?
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Cygwin will let you install the sshd server as a service under Windows, so it'll be available whenever you boot up your box. You'll have a bash shell when you contact that box remotely.

I stay clear of telnet, for obvious security reasons.
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@takenouttacontext: Portable PuTTY will do if you've got a USB drive.
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Thanks boaz!
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