How to buy Rx Drugs while in Canada
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How can a U.S. citizen buy prescription drugs while visiting Canada?

I'll be in Winnipeg soon and would like to stock up on my prescription drugs while I'm there.

A few years ago, U.S. senior citizens went to Winnipeg to buy, but I haven't seen anything about it recently. The trend seems to be to order from Canada and have the meds mailed to the U.S.--I have successfully done this, and appreciate the savings.

However, actually being present in Canada seems to offer an interesting opportunity to purchase while there. Has anyone done this recently? Any advice about how to do this, or names of Winnipeg drug stores friendly toward U.S. tourists? (Google results are overwhelmed by the mail-order pharmacies.)
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In my experience, you will need to have a prescription written by a doctor licensed in Canada to purchase a prescription medication at a Canadian pharmacy. A quick visit to the site of a large Canadian chain drugstore:

"Your question:
"Does Shoppers Drug Mart fill US Prescriptions?
"According to Canadian legislation, we are only able to fill prescriptions prescribed by doctors licensed to practice in Canada. Please contact your physician or medical professional for further assistance."

Visit a walk-in/urgent care clinic to see a Canadian physician who may be willing to write your script, especially if you have a letter stating your need for the prescription medicine from your USA GP.
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Usually if you have a copy of your written U.S. prescription, you can go to a Canadian walk-in clinic (you'll probably have to wait once you're there) and consult with a doctor. He will charge you a fee for this service. If all is legit, he'll write you a Canadian Rx, and you're good to go.
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