I want to be a part of BA, Buenos Aires, Big Apple.
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I'm going to Buenos Aires and Montevideo in October or November. My Spanish is pretty good, but I need a better handle on the Rioplatanese dialect. So, recommendations on movies set in either of those and preferably in Spanish are welcome. Difficulty: No Evita or Alive.
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netflix has a decent selection here.
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The Motorcycle Diaries is mostly in Argentine Spanish, and is a pretty good movie to boot.
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Epitafios (on Netflix)
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I haven't actually seen Motorcycle Diaries but the lead actor is Mexican. Also, many of those netflix Argentine productions also have actors from other Spanish cultures.

It underscores a larger point which is that the Spanish you don't understand is more likely to be something general than something specifically Rioplatense.

That said, try Nine Queens.
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Or, alternatively, watch some Argentinian soaps through the magic of YouTube.

Do a search for "Sos mi vida" - it was a recent hit, very silly, but pretty entertaining nevertheless. Starring Uruguayan actress Natalia Oreiro.
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I'll second Nine Queens and also suggest El hijo de la novia. I cried.

(If you're BsAs-bound, you may find my Projects post interesting.)
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vacapinta, I had a feeling the actors may not be genuine argentine articles, but I'm sure they managed to put on some good accents. Like learning American English from watching Hugh Laurie in House.
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I'd also have a look at the moving Kamchatka, the mysterious El aura, by the late, lamented Fabien Bielinsky (Nine Queens), and the striking El viento. Like Nine Queens and El hijo de la novia, these are all fine films, and all available on Amazon - I just checked.
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Plata Quemada is one of the more nontraditional based-on-a-true-story gay heist flicks, but it's a goodie.
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Third Nine Queens, and be sure and eat lots of pizza—nobody does it better!
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La Niña Santa (The Holy Girl) was breathtaking.
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La Niña Santa, while breathtaking, is not in or around Baires. Whole different accent.
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For a Uruguayan take on Clerks, check out 25 watts.

I'll probably be in Montevideo in November. We could do the first ever Montevideo Metafilter Meet-up...
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