Two Mac related questions.
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MacAskMe: Two Mac related questions. The first regards Mac compatible security camera solutions; the second involves changing the color of the cursor/pointer in OS X. [more mac mumbojumbo inside]

1) Does anyone have experience running a security camera system on OS X? If so, I am interested in your comments.

2) After three years and going through multiple Windows machines, a good friend of mine (after witnessing my dearth of problems with OS X) went out and bought two PowerBooks. He very much wants to change the color of the cursor/pointer from black to white. I've searched all the Mac tech sites with no look. Anyone know how to do this? Is this a job that will have to through the Terminal? I did find this and this, but I'm scared. kindall, please help!
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Never tried it, but Mighty Mouse claims it lets you change your cursor easily. It is shareware.
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I don't have any experience with Mac security cameras, but there was an article in the latest issue of Macworld on using an iSight camera for security.
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Response by poster: I must have missed that MacWorld article. Thanks.
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I think the article fingers EvoCam which can do some pretty cool stuff.
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I don't know if it's mentioned in the literature but the iSight is very fussy about it's requirements. I got one to use on a dedicated blue and white G3 and it would not work because of system requirements.
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I am very happy with EvoCam. The "sensor" zones that one can set up make using the iSight (or other mac-friendly firewire cams if you wish) as a motion detector/security cam easy.
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Yeah, MightyMouse is what I use to change the "pizza of death" cursor on my own Mac to a grayscale one that matches the grayscale theme. Recommended.

Odd that he has this reaction. On the Windows box, I used to have a utility that changed the arrow pointer to be the correct black color. (Windows' arrow pointer is pixel-for-pixel identical to the Mac's, except with black and white inverted. So it's obvious which is the correct one.)
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone.
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