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What are all the things I need to apt-get, in order to turn my minimal Ubuntu Fiesty Server install into the complete graphical OS?

I've downloaded a VMWare image of Ubuntu Fiesty to play with (not yet willing to commit to an upgrade from Dapper on my actual computer). The image was a fairly minimal "Server" version - no Gnome, no Xorg, none of the other applications I've come to expect in Ubuntu.

So, what should I be apt-getting in order to get X, and a decent suite of applications up and running? So far, in my experimentations, I've got Xorg installed (apt-get install xorg), and can get the login screen up, but once I log in I'm left at a completely blank desktop - no icons, no menus. What's the next step?
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Best answer: "ubuntu-desktop"?
posted by cmiller at 7:45 PM on June 16, 2007

Response by poster: That sounds like a very reasonable suggestion... I'll try it in the next hour, it may be the magic bullet I've been looking for.
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cmiller has it. It's "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop".

Or 'kubuntu-desktop' if you want that other thing.
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I would recommend using aptitude instead of apt-get since it handles dependencies better.
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