Downloading Videos Off Google: High Quality Off Limits?
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I can't download high quality .avi files from Google Video with Keepvid. Any other way to grab them?

I found a documentary on Google Video that looked interesting, after I hadn't been on for a while. I can't view Flash on this computer, so I find them and transfer to a USB stick for later with Keepvid. Last time I did so, I could get a high quality .avi just by clicking on the link. Now Keepvid just connects to, and I have to settle for the low quality version. Any other options for high quality downloads off Google Video?
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Response by poster: Incidentally, the documentary is Rageh Inside Iran, if anyone knows somewhere else I could see/download it.
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Used to be that you could download their files, I forget the file type, I will try when I get home.. but then you can open them in Notepad and you will see a link that points to an AVI on their server. This was a year ago, so it may be different now.
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Just download the ipod/psp version (I think it's an mp4 but I can't recall right atm)
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This worked for me.
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Response by poster: B-BIES is right, it used to work that way, but it doesn't now. The Ipod version is smallest/lowest quality of the bunch, generally, and the bittorent link would be useful if I could install bt...they recently locked down these computers so software could no longer be installed. Davar's link should work if you use Firefox...anyone else want to test it? Any other ideas? (If anyone is curious, I'm looking for a job so I can pay for net access at home, but of course that's another AskMe.)
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