Can I find out my dog's breed(s)?
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I heard that you can send a sample of your dog's DNA out to be tested to determine breed. I have a pound mutt who I would love to know the mix before she passes. Anyone know if such a service exists?
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What's My
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(BTW, typed "dog dna breed" into Google. :-)
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There's this one. Launches in July, I think - I read about it in the news somewhere.
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Erm. Now that I follow the link above, it's the same one.

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You might be interested in this, the first scientific attempt to use genetic information to identify pure-bred dogs.

Mars Veterinary, the company planning to offer these tests, will only provide an estimate of the breed mixture of a non-pure bred dog, according to their website.

(I suspect the reason they are not yet offering pure-bred tests is legal, not scientific.)

Note that dog breeds are a human concept without a perfect analogue in the genome of Canis familiaris. (Well, to be pedantic, C. familiaris is also a human concept, as are species, but that's another debate.) Anyhoo, any attempt to ID a dog breed from a biologic sample is going to be probabilistic, not deterministic.
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these guys are the newest and most well known

(someone tell me how to turn links into words)

anyway, they don't test for pits, just 38 or so common breeds, i've heard they don't test for pits because they're afraid the testing would be used to ID animals to put to sleep
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Salvatorparadise, just replace the parenthesis below with left < or right>:
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My employer published a seven-part (yes) series about this very topic: the last part.
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Why don't you post a pic of the dog and let us try to hack through it with you? I always like guessing at breed crosses.
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Seconding monkeymadness. I thought my dog was a mutt, and one day I met a lady who recognized her breed.
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thanks for the info on links

airhen: that was a great series!
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