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My gas grill won't light properly. I read about the Flow Limiting Device (FLD) but the steps to reset it seem not to work. What is my problem, and how do I fix it?

The propane tank is full. I experienced this problem the other day until it just worked when my dad was the one to turn it on (he's not having the same luck tonight).
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Are you actually getting a spark from the igniter? Can you hear gas flowing when you open the valves?
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Response by poster: Okay, it fixed itself again. The problem was that when set on high, only a tiny flame resulted (perhaps less flame than when set on the lowest setting). Anyhow, the problem seems to have resolved itself. I hope it doesn't happen again.
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Almost sounds like a weird mixture problem, if more gas means less flame. Are the jets themselves clear? Also, check where the burner inlets connect to the leadpipe from the tank, just to make sure there's not some dust or schmutz in the gap.
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I have had spiders in the gas line from the tank to the grill when left unused for a while. It limited the flow and was a small major problem until I was able to clean it out. Could you have bugs in the line?
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Every winter spiders infest the gas lines of my grill, and we have to clean them out every spring and/or replace lines completely. If you were getting very low flow, chances are, you have obstructions in the line, most likely spiders.
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