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Can you recommend a good steakhouse in Denver near Coors Field?

I need a resteraunt recommendation near Coors Field in Denver. We're looking for something around 20 or 30 dollars a plate. It's for a batchelors party, so beer and a slightly more casual atmosphere would be great too.
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Best answer: I'd say the Chop House. But there are more casual places (Wynkoop or Breckenridge Brewery).
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Is that buffalo place still there?
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Best answer: If a Brazilian steakhouse will suffice, the Rodizio Grill is pretty good. It's two blocks from Coors Field, near Union Station.
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I'm vegetarian, but I enjoyed the Wynkoop. Been a few years since I've been there though.

I also went to the Rodizio and my meat-eating cohorts had a blast.
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The Keg is a decent steakhouse. Diagonally across from the chop house.
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3rd Rodizio, provided everyone in your party eats meat.

There aren't a whole lot of vegetarian options there.
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