Good hikes around Seattle.
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Good hikes around Seattle.

Although it's raining right now outside my office window, us Seattleites are still hopeful for a beautiful Summer weekend.

I'm new(er) to the area and have yet to go on a good day-hike in the area. I've heard that Mt. Rainier National Park is beautiful, but I'm looking for any suggestions from the MeFi-ers.

What are some good (relatively easy/relaxing) hikes that you would suggest?

I don't want to drive more than 2 hours in one direction... gas is too dang expensive. ( any buses run from the city to any parks? I'd love to spare mother nature, as well as my wallet.)
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What about in the city? Discovery Park is pretty, and you can take a bus there.
posted by lemuria at 10:39 AM on June 15, 2007 has reviews and information on a ton of hikes in the Seattle area and you can sort by difficulty, length, elevation, etc.
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The Mountaineers have published a wonderful series of books that will give you all the information you want about hikes. It's an embarassment of riches here. Go to Wide World Travel Books and Maps in Wallingford, or check out the travel section in the University Bookstore or Barnes & Noble.

Deception Pass is a favorite of mine.
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Mt. Si
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Here is a list of bus reachable trails on Metro's website. The page is old, so be sure to check that a particular route is still the same.

Two hours will get you to tons of hikes off I90 to Snoqualmie Pass.
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The Washington Trails Association at is also a good resource.
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second Mt. Si!
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I'm a huge Mt. Si fan as well, but it's hardly "relatively easy" as the asker requested. Rattlesnake Ledge (easier) or Granite Mountain (better scenery) have a much better work-to-view ratio.
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Little Si is a good "relatively easy" one too. The trailhead is very close to Mt. Si's trailhead.
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When I went to visit a good friend who used to live in Seattle, she took me hiking and we did a trail that led to Snoqualmie Falls - it was incredibly beautiful (steep, tho).
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Here's another list of Seattle-area hikes reachable by bus.

Hike The Geek Seattle has some good hikes, including some easy ones.
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Here are some more suggestions.
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