How to sweat less?
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I'm never enjoyed the heat, but this summer I'm sweating like a pig! Bearing in mind that I'm already down to the bare minimum of clothing, and taking exercise (I am marginally overweight), is there anything I can do to make my body more in tune with summer?
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Shave your head (if you can get away with it). I love having no hair on the dome in the summer.
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You might find something helpful in one of these threads.
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I find that when I am exercising regularly I sweat more even at times when I am not exercising. Exercise just tends to make one more likely to sweat generally. So, you could stop exercising. However, that would be a terrible idea. Sweating is cool. It is good for you. My advice would be to come to terms with being sweaty. I like it. It makes me feel like I could slip away from someone if they tried to grab me.
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Witchhazel toner is very nice during the summer, it refreshes the skin without drying it out and it cools you down slightly as it evaporates.
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If you can't shave your head as suggested above, keeping the hair off your neck might help. I wear my hear in ponytails/clips most of the summer and it definitely helps. It also allows me to put a cold washcloth on my neck if I need to cool down.

Also, natural fibers - cotton, etc.
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Drink plenty of ice water.
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Eat less. I get chilly during extended periods of reduced calorie consumption.
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If you're talking about sweating, I personally recommend Mitchum, 'So strong you can skip a day'. I have found that is the only stuff that works. (They have changed their formula recently though, and I'm not impressed. It's not as effective and feels to me, and my armpits, different somehow - just not as effective)
Also, at every opportunity get running water on the back of your neck. It will cool you down immeasurably.
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Oh yeah, chewing ice keeps me cool and it is super fun!
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Frozen grapes are yummier!
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Eating spicy foods keeps me cool (well, there's a brief flush of heat followed by hours of self-cooling).

Re chewing ice: tremendous fun but bad for your teeth, as I've learned the expensive way. But on the plus side, I've put a few kids of my dentists through college.
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You might also want to get your thyroid checked out. Your thyroid controls your metabolism, including how your body reacts to temperature changes. An inefficient thyroid can cause excess sweating.
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Now that I've got my advice in.
Where are you?
I'm never enjoyed the heat, but this summer I'm sweating like a pig!
Have you moved to a different climate? Alaska or Arabia or Africa?
Bearing in mind that I'm already down to the bare minimum of clothing
Are you having to wear the hijab or a bikini or an animal skin?
Is there anything I can do to make my body more in tune with summer?
Summer where? In Africa, Arabia or Alaska?
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During the hottest part of the summer, I usually take two showers a day. These two showers usually end up being much shorter than my usual morning shower. I just hop in, get clean quickly, and then start notching the temperature down until it's so cold I can hardly stand it. Really soak your torso with the cool water. For some reason the effect helps me throughout the day, not just right after the shower.
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Instead of a shower, try soaking in a tepid (not cold!) bath with 1/2 box of baking soda mixed in. Very refreshing.
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If I put something cool like ice or an cold drink on my wrists, it helps regulate my temperature.

And I have done the opposite in the winter - run warm/hot water on my wrists and I stop shiverring!
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Live somewhere dry.
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Here's your answer.
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In addition to eating more spicy food, I've heard that cultures in warmer climates tend to drink warmer beverages as opposed to icy cold beverages. This is of course counter to what you might expect, but you could try a hot coffee or tea or something and see what that does for you.
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I hate to suggest this, but if you avoid any air conditioning for a month or so you will acclimate to to the heat. This is a miserable process, and may not be possible if your place of work has A/C.
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Walk slowly, move slowly. I like to rinse my forearms in cool water throughout the day and rinse my face in cool water, too. If you're just lounging around, a nice wet washcloth is refreshing on the face. Remember, also, that having a fan blow on you when the air it's blowing is too hot (like in the 90s) does more harm than good.
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I have to agree with what peep said above. I find in the hot summer days if I take a hot -- or even just warm -- shower, I will be particularly sweaty for several hours afterwards, even if I'm not very active. It's like my body has to work double-time to dissipate its normal heat on top of all the extra heat it gained from the shower. So, try the "start warm but gradually reduce the temperature until it's bordering-on-uncomfortably-cold" procedure in your normal shower routine.
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I am also a fan of rinsing my forearms -- more specifically, I run cool or cold water over my wrists for a few minutes, which seems to cool down my whole system.
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After you shower, pat yourself down with baby powder... it'll make you feel dryer and absorb at least some sweat.
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Get your thyroid checked if you're running way hotter than usual.
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Seconding rinsing your wrists in cold water. I learned this trick a few years ago and it instantly cools me down - i've heard it's because the skin is very thin over the blood vessels, so you're able to cool down the blood (although that might be codswallop). It also helps to dab cool water behind your ears.

Here's a list of ways to keep cool without air conditioning that looks useful too.
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I had assumed that if you shave your head, you'll sweat more since the sweat won't be able to hide in your hair and it'll just go straight down the rest of your body?
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