How do I use a condensing deep fat fryer?
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How do I use a condensing deep fat fryer?

I've gained a deep fat fryer through my local Freecycle, a Moulinex Supremia C.AMOV AAS6P1 and I can't find a manual online, or get one from the manufacturer.

I want to make some chips with it, but having never had one or used one before, don't know where to start.

I know that is a condensing model, with freezable ice packs that help reduce the steam, but that is all the previous owner told me.
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I'd say it's very similar to an ordinary DFF. Hot oil in the bottom, put raw chipped potatoes in, et voila. Chips.

The ice packs are probably located inside the lid. There's probably something on the top of the lid you twist to get access to them. Bung them in the freezer for a couple of hours, then put them back in.

Do you mean you've never used a condensing DFF before, or never used any DFF before?
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Response by poster: I've not used any DFF before, or ever even used a traditional deep fat fryer on the cooker.

A real idiots guide is what I'm after
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Maybe check the manual for the Supralys fryer.
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