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We're driving up from DC to Cambridge, MA. We have a moving truck. The hotel we're staying at this Sunday night does not have parking. What to do?


I'm moving to Cambridge and my thoughtful brother is kind enough to drive up from DC with me. While I was perfectly content with staying at a cheapo motel or something driving up (can't move in till Monday, I do have a city moving van permit for the day), he decided to get fancy and bid on priceline for a nice hotel.

So we have a nonrefundable room at the Hyatt on Memorial Drive. Their limited parking garage will not allow our moving truck to pass clearence.

Where can we, in reasonable walking distance (<1 mile) to the Hyatt, safely park our van this Sunday night? (I'm guessing it's about 16-17 ft long, maybe 7.5 feet high).
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it's been a long day. sorry for spelling stuff wrong.
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Vassar St. directly behind the Hyatt has some metered (and perhaps some non-metered) spots. You are smack-dab-in-the-middle of student country and it's summer so there should be plenty of spots. Also, I think your best best is to call the front desk before your trip and ask for the closest parking garage besides theirs. I know there's one here but that's about a mile away.
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Also, be aware that many of the parkways around Boston (Mem Drive, Storrow Dr, the Jamaica Way, etc.) do not allow commercial moving vans/trucks. I believe height is the issue (though I don't know what the maximums are), so you might want to double-check that since Mem Drive is the likeliest way you'd approach the Hyatt.
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Is there a branch of the moving van rental company in town? Their lots are usually locked up overnight. May mean that you can't get the truck out until they open, though.
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I've never had an issue parking behind the Malkin Athletic Center. (Holyoke and Winthrop) It's Harvard parking, technically you need a permit, but I don't know anyone that's ever gotten one there. Even if you do, it's a rental, and Harvard isn't going to chase U-haul for the money.

I've never parked there overnight, but the chances that they'll tow your moving truck seem slim. I can understand not wanting to take chances with all your worldly possessions though.
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You can park your moving truck (legally) on the street overnight in Allston, right across the river from where you'll be staying. I had a large one there (on Brighton Ave) for a couple of days when I was moving out of town last year.
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lbergstr, they're renovating the MAC this spring and summer, so I'd be verrrry hesitant to suggest parking in that area. I believe the parking spaces of which you speak are currently blocked off by construction equipment. They were a week ago.
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"Even if you do, it's a rental, and Harvard isn't going to chase U-haul for the money."

They don't have to chase. They send them a bill.

If harvard tickets people ever, they'll ticket uhaul. UHaul will charge your card + a fee. You get no say in this: you signed an agreement to be liable for parking on your CC.

If they dont ticket people, they wont ticket uhaul.
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You can park in any resident's permit only parking spot in Cambridge on a Sunday. Almost all small back streets are resident permit parking only all week, but on Sunday it's fair game for anyone. Look for the tiny letters "EX SUN" at the bottom of the resident permit sign.

However, it is only OK until Monday morning at 8 AM. But after that you should be able to move your van to the moving van permit spot. Usually in Cambridge moving vans get a reserved parking spot near where they need to unload.
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Most, if not all, of the parking spots on Vassar St., right behind the Hyatt, are unmetered and open to all. There should be spots galore on a Sunday. And as yoz420 said, you don't need a residential permit on Sunday for the neighborhood also behind the Hyatt (i.e. Waverly St., Sidney St.).
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Thanks everybody, for all the helpful responses!
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Just be aware that a rental truck parked behind a hotel should have a sign on it that says STUFF INSIDE. That way it will be easier for the thieves to identify.

I'm just saying
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If you have an extra $50-$100, I daresay the moving van permits are worth it. I've never gotten one, since I've always tried to move on the cheap, but it can be really stressful to find parking in either Cambridge or Boston.

With the moving van permit the city reserves your space in front of the house, and there's no circling to be done. Most applicable for your case: "Moving Vans may be kept on the street overnight if the space is reserved for 2 consecutive days." Sp depending on timing, you can drop the thing off the night before. I may have just convinced myself to save up for one next time.
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Do be careful about driving on any underpasses on memorial drive in Cambridge or Storrow Drive in Boston. In general, don't do this in a rented moving truck. The bridges are very low and you can get stuck.

You can find on street parking and worry about paying a parking ticket yourself. It's not that much and it's just as much of a hassle as finding a garage.
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Cripes, I botched that question. Just realized -- you don't have enough time to get moving permits for Sunday. Aaaand since I'm at work I blew right by your "moving permit for Monday" sentence. So your best bet might be the free-on-Sunday-night street parking and Vassar street options mentioned above.

At the risk of being even more wrong, I can also tell you that I've parked at the MIT visitor lot before. It's at at Vassar and Mass Ave, and was open to the public, at least a couple of years ago. MIT lists a number to call for info on that lot plus the location of other nearby public lots here.
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