Weird phone numbers showing up on my cell phone caller ID
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There are weird phone numbers showing up on my caller ID - what's going on? What should I do about it?

(I've already called Verizon about this, but they had no information.) The past two days I have received:
* 7 calls from: 233-242-248101
* 6 calls from: 01

The phone rings/vibrates only once, as if I had received a txt message. They take place between 1-2 minutes apart. I have received three "sets" of these calls -- 9am (MST) yesterday, 11am (MST) yesterday, and 1pm (MST) today. My cell is an LG, but I doubt that makes any difference.

I have googled the number and it looks like it may be an international call, possibly coming from Ghana, and likely connected to a calling scam. I don't know how to stop these calls, but have been assured that no minutes are being deducted if I don't answer. I guess what I'm worried about is whether or not my phone is being hacked (or something similarly nefarious). What's going on, should I worry about it, and how should I take care of it?
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Lots of folks are getting strange/unidentifiable calls and posting about them at WhoCalledUs.
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Is it possible to have Verizon permanently block those calls without charge to you?

Alternatively, is it possible for you to add those numbers to your address book (Mr. Ghana Scam Man), then select an individual ring for them, and set that ring to silent, so they don't bother you again?
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The phone rings/vibrates only once, as if I had received a txt message.

This looks like a common scam we see in the UK. The scammers call from a 070 number that looks like a normal mobile phone number (which all start with 07) to the unsophisticated, and let the phone ring once. Many people will call back, and be kept on hold as they rack up charges. Only when they get their bill, if then, do they realize that this 070 number costs a lot more than a mobile phone on 077.

Don't call back numbers you don't recognize from caller ID alone. Don't worry about this, your phone is probably not being hacked.
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