Hosting for created music in mp3 format.
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I've got about 400 MB of my (as in I made it, I own it) music that I want to host somewhere. I'm willing to pay and I don't want my users seeing popups or anything like that. My html is hosted somewhere else already so I just need space for the mp3 files. Any help? I've been looking at hosting services for days and I can't find the kind of deal that I'm sure is out there.
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if you had email and website in your contact info you'd be more likely to get friendly support from people who don't want to advertise to the world, i suspect...
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(sorry, maybe i'm showing my age in only realising after i posted that aim might allow contact too...)
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Is your music any good? Actually, that is not prerequisite. Drop me a mail, I have a good lead on some hosting owned by generous music enthusiasts that can be had for a donation.
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sorry about the contact info. I was porn bombed by a user on metafilter a couple years back and I've been shy since.

I'm really interested in a commercial service. I'm actually moving my stuff *from* a site run by generous music enthusiast who went awol, which is the third time this has happened. Thus the desire to pay for the service.

My email is rmonn __ and if you are interested in my music there is a small selection here: on em411

Very generous to offer, though, thanks.
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Try one of the many host comparison sites (random example). Generally you're gonna pay $7.75 for 400-800MB of storage and 30-100GB transfer.
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These comparison charts are more or less useless as stats don't make a service. I'm really looking for personal experience. There is no way to tell which of these services are reliable or a total mess.

The reason I asked is that I hoped that a person would say "I use this company and they've been great." For instance my blog is hosted on typepad and they are wonderful.

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Unsigned musicians can host mp3s through IUMA or Vitaminic for free. I believe they can only be 128kbps, though.
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Fine, I use iPowerWeb and it's great (very fast, etc.) but I'm thinking of switching for stats reasons (only 30GB of transfer, not that that'd be an issue for you). Allegedly its tech support is pretty poor, but it's been good for me.
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I know a few musicians who host music on SoundClick, although I haven't used it myself, and I don't know what the space limitations are.
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If you're just looking for a big chunk of storage and some bandwidth at a reasonable price, llamacom has 400MB accounts with unmetered transfer (not just quote-unlimited-unquote, but actually having no metering) for $50 a month. I know some folks who have used them for years, and while they've had the occasional problem with PHP and MySQL, for serving up big, dumb files they fit the bill perfectly.

They throw in a shell account, mail hosting, and some other crap while they're at it, but you probably won't need it.
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thanks one and all. since my bandwidth use will be less than 20GB by a longshot (I think!) I'm going with iPowerweb. When I'm famous llamacon will be my solution. Thanks agian.
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