Our lcd tv suddenly shows red pixelation on dark colured areas. What gives?
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Our new digital television just started showing red highlights on dark colours. What's wrong?

It's an LG HDTV flatscreen lcd of around 50 inches. My housemate bought it last week ex-display, and it's been beautiful until we started watching the football tonight. Now on some dark areas, red pixels appear as a sort of highlight mostly around the edges and in the centre. It still happens if we plug the antenna directly into the TV (so it's not the dvd player), and it also happens when we play dvds, so it's not the reception. The problem is reduced by turning up the brightness so that less dark colours appear, but not removed. The three of us agree that this problem is new as of today.
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Just taking a stab in the dark here, but could it be interference from something else nearby? This would depend on the cables that you're using, but it could affect it in some way.

Also, have you thought about resetting the display settings to their factory configuration?
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Response by poster: yea, we've done all the display settings. There's a few cables around there, we can try moving some of them tomorrow. Thanks for the guess, anyway!
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Looking at their web site, it doesn't appear that LG makes 50" LCDs. (They do have 47" though). Is it possible this is a plasma?

This appears like a fairly common problem with LG Plasmas. A google search for 'lg plasma tv red snow' turns up a quite a few results.

A particularly relevant thread from AVSforum.

It sounds like the resolution for most people has been a service call, unfortunately. Good luck!
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Response by poster: It's definitely an LCD, I was just eyeballing the size. But our problem is the same as they're having, according to the screenshot one guy gave, so that's interesting.
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I have the same exact problem on my 50" Philips Plasma and it's really friggin annoying. What the heck did I spend almost 2 gees for??? Please let me know if and how you fixed this problem. I have tried everything just as you have from different cables, to different oulets, everything! It does it no matter if it's cable tv, dvd, HD DVD, Direct TV. HELP : (
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