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I recently bought a zune and i am looking for pictures that are semi information or thoughtful. i recently quite a few photo selection on it and play music with it. Some of the stuff i like is Dali Art, Betty Page pinup, Optical Illusians and Post secrets. i am trying to find some more photos that are either information like pictures of shots that have to the side how to make them or pictures that are thought provoking maybe some religous art. I was hoping the Hive mind could steer me into jpeg slideshow that would be interesting to put on my zune and where to find them either eduction or inspirationial not really into people falling off ladders and stuff.
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Ernst Haeckel.
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Or since you didn't mention it, Escher.
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Large gallery of Loteria cards; I am no expert, since I've never actually played it, but it's a game kind of like bingo that is popular in Mexico. When I was a little kid I used to sneak off with La Sirena and stare at the card wishing I was her.

Seonna Hong has lots of lovely work, some cute, some contemplative.

Ten dust paintings done on the back window of a Mini Cooper. Perhaps it can be inspiration to create a little random beauty in unexpected places? The site may ask you to register.

If you like Betty Page, you'll love Viva Van Story's photography. The page I linked to is worksafe, and there's nothing explicit on the site, but if you're at work I might not poke around too much.

That's all I've got; most artists are too worried about people appropriating their work for money to allow people to download images.
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Response by poster: Tahnk you for showing me the Loteria cards. I never even heard of them before but i always been a lover of cards and tarot cards it is really interesting. This is exactly something that is interesting to me and i will investigate further thank you for the sharing them with me. I personally was sold when i saw the drunk card.
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