Hay una grieta en mi corazon - can you help me fill it?
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I am looking for a remake of the old Soda Stereo classic, "Cuando pase el temblor"

I am really hoping that someone out there is a fan of old Argentine rock bands.

I grew up loving Soda Stereo, but my love has gone the way of all 80's nostalgia - so over it. I can't listen to Soda Stereo anymore without shuddering at the synthesizers and having bad hair flashbacks. I do, however, love this beautiful remake of "Cuando pase el temblor", a very simple studio version sung by a girl accompanied by a guitar. I had a site with the mp3 bookmarked, but somehow I lost the link, and I have been unable to locate it again. I had mistakenly believed that the woman singing was the lead singer of Aterciopelados, but alas, I was wrong. For some reason, though, I have in my head that the cantora is Colombian. Can anyone help me find a copy of this remake?
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Could it be Sybil?

I had never heard of her, but that blog mentions she has a cover of that song. I think she is from Argentina.

The one with Andrea Echeverri, the singer from Aterciopelados, is "La ciudad de la furia".
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Her website is dead, and I couldn't find any videos or mp3 samples, but I found her CD (Circus) in ebay. I'm pretty sure it's her, she matches the description in the post I linked.

Too bad, I wanted to hear that song.
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Found it myself
Her name is Paula, apparently. Gonna favorite myself, too. Yup.
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