Help me figure out what this movie was!
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I saw a very strange and interesting-looking movie on I *think* Showtime yesterday at about 4-5 PM. It involved Russians. Any ideas?

I was watching TV yesterday, and a very strange movie came on. I came in on the tail end of it, and so I don't know too much about it. I believe the channel was Showtime (I really don't know, because, and I'm being serious, the hotel had about 4 channels marked Showtime. I didn't watch long enough to see commercials or anything). It was about 4-5 PM Central time. Here's what I do know:

It involved an army that was dressed completely in white, possibly because the setting of the movie was snow and ice. A general talked about how they were going to go fight or something, and then they all ran and got in armored trucks that looked exactly like the tanker trucks that you see on the road every day. Escorted by more soldiers on snowmobiles, they proceeded to start driving across a massive expanse of ice. Eventually it cut to a scene of a war planning room, and an enemy general sent some planes that dropped bombs on the trucks. A small car with 2 guys in it was driving around near the trucks too, and it was apparently an enemy because someone in one of the trucks started shooting at it. The bombs caused the ice to crack, and literally every truck (and the men inside) sunk into the cold water. Someone involved was Russian, because a few of the credits at the end mentioned people as being "Russian so-and-so" and etc.

I know that's not much to go on, but if anyone has a clue what this movie might be, I'd be very interested. Bonus points if you can tell me what it's about. Thanks!
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Best answer: Billion Dollar Brain?
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Best answer: According to tv guide Billion Dollar Brain was on yesterday at that time.
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Yeah, it seems plausible:

In the film version, the retired Harry Palmer is blackmailed into returning to work for the British secret service as a double agent. He is to infiltrate an American-financed, ultra- right-wing group dedicated to liberating Latvia from the Soviet Union, and, most importantly, to recover the virus-incubating eggs for the West. The screenplay's plot relies heavily upon the sophisticated computer system with which the right wing group controls its Latvian anti-Soviet spy network.
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Response by poster: Hmm, okay, thanks guys.

Still a weird movie, I'll have to catch it sometime.

I appreciate the help!
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You might also be interested to know that the battle on the ice is most likely an hommage/reference to Sergei Eisenstien's 1938 film Alexander Nevsky.
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