Where in Chicago can a beginner artist begin?
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Where in Chicago can a beginner artist begin?

The artist asks:

I am looking for art classes, specifically drawing and painting, and more specifically, figure and portrait. I have no formal training (though I have some experience on my own, doodling pencil and dribbling paint), and I really don't know where to look. Help?

I came across the Vetruvian School of Art, which looks good, but I'd love opinions and further recommendations.
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What about one of the continuing studies classes at SAIC?
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Are you planning to go to school for art or just take a few courses?

The Art Institute Of Chicago is the biggest (ie best funded) school here in Chicago, but it will cost you a mint to go there.

There are literally TONS of independant art programs going on all over the city. I would recommend trolling for suggestions on Yay Hooray and Chicago Suicide Club. These are two places you can start to make some friends in the art community.
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Harold Washington College is good for intro classes. I kid you not. The part-time faculty are the same people who teach intro classes at SAIC and Columbia College. It's cheap, and it's real college credit! Evening classes will have older students.

Also check out Lillstreet Art Center.
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Found this with a google search

Check especially Palette and Chisel Society and Figurative Arts League, which are geared toward talented amateurs and shy pros-- lots of talent, little pressure or art-world bullshit.
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