Need a simple, good online music player
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Can anybody recommend a free, online music player I can add to my website?

I am building a website for a client, who wants a music player on the site. We have all the music we want to play - he is a musician, so the music is all his and we have all the rights to play this music. But we are looking for a simple, free player.

Can anybody recommend a free, online music player service? (Or a piece of self-hosted software would work, too.) We want to upload our MP3s (either to our server or someone else's, doesn't matter), load them into the player, and let users play songs. (Preferably we want this player in a pop-up link from our site.)

Can anybody recommend a good service or piece of software for this?
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If you're a Dreamhost customer, you can use their pretty good flash player pretty easily.
posted by unixrat at 12:19 PM on June 12, 2007

For playing individual tracks hosted on your own server, this is simple and elegant. See it in action here.
posted by omnidrew at 3:15 PM on June 12, 2007

Response by poster: oops, should have clarified --

I'm looking for a player or service that lets me queue up multiple tracks. like a little online radio station (I'd like to fill it with 10-20 tracks)

Thanks again for the help!
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