God it sucks being poor and needing furniture.
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Do you have any experience with bellacor furniture, Advanced interior designs or any other affordable online modern-ish mid-century-ish stores? Or offline ones in the DC area for that matter?

I really like this Lazos coffee table at Advanced Interior Designs. And this one at Bellacor. And a whole bunch of other stuff at both stores. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with either store and how they are in terms of quality of furniture and customer service.

If you're against buying knockoffs (please note that I can't even figure out what the original of this table is, DWR has failed me, as has Google), can you recommend anything similar for under $300 that will look nice with this sofa in a smallish space in a long narrow room? The space is by the window so bright and is about 12x12 out of a 12x36 room, and will also contain a small dark TV stand (suggestions for that are also welcome) and a sleek dark chocolate-ish leather armchair.

(yes, I know everybody owns this sofa and I am being totally unoriginal, but it's pretty and ridiculously comfy)
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Lamps Plus has a fairly extensive home decor section.

I picked up this American Mission Walnut Finish Coffee Table for my pad because I needed a coffee table with a shelf on it for my projector/dvd/cable box/xbox to sit on.

Isn't it amazing how much money it takes to furnish your first place?
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I got a great deal on a lovely lamp from bellacor, good stuff (much better price than LampsPLus)
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Bellacor is nice. Also try Chiasso for designer-type things that aren't ridiculously expensive.

DWR should be sued for false naming.

TheDude: Yes.
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