Custom office radio stream?
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Custom office radio stream?

I work in a small architecture office, pretty laid back environment, and the hip kids all have iTunes installed for music while we work (on headphones). We share our libraries, but it would be cool to stream the same music feed to everyone. I'm not sure if or how I could do that. I've fiddled with, but I'm not really familiar with the options when it comes to internet radio. Is there a service or software that does this? A free service would be awesome.
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I'd set up a music server that has vote-based playback via a web-interface in the office. I like Ampache. It's very slick.
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Response by poster: looks very nice... I don't know about setting up a server. I was looking for something with a light footprint (ie we use gmail to chat while working, and it's OK because there's no software or network config necessary other than having a browser installed). I guess I was hoping for 0 footprint :) anyway thanks for the idea, I'll keep looking into it.
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Ampache is pretty cool, actually. I just installed it on this advice, and am currently listening to its stream.

For my office, I think the main problem wouldn't be so much streaming as it would be just having a simple vote-based queuing system that simply plays music through the server's sound card. Kind of like a Sonos, except not as specialized. We have about 40 people who all wear their headphones, and the quietness has been criticized. I'd like to set up something that basically has a voting front-end to VLC.

If you find something you like, Chris4d, please post here, so I can try it out ;)
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Slim Server?
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Slim Server looks like it does just what Chris4d wants, except that it obviously requires a server, though the definition in this case is pretty minimal. Too bad it doesn't work for me; no democratic playlist management. ;)
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