Where to celebrate under the starless NYC sky?
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BirthdayBashFilter: Anyone know any good rooftop bars in New York City? A few parameters inside...

It's for a birthday, but we don't need anything private. We're not the real swanky, $12 drinks kinda crowd, so clubby spots aren't quite what I'm looking for. Good people, good space, maybe even a good view would be very nice. Manhattan or Brooklyn works. Thanks
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not exactly what you're looking for, but you might be interested in Water Taxi Beach, just across the east river in Long Island City (just north of greenpoint, south of the 59th street bridge). www.watertaxibeach.com ... an okay place, and the great view of manhattan sort of goes without saying.
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Thanks for the link, but I'd like to stay away from $12 lychee martinis and "scads of A-list sightings."

Any filter-favorites out there that omit fresh juice cocktails and Hilton sister(s)?
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There is a roof top bar on the LaQuinta hotel in Little Korea on 32d Street. It's a hidden little gem. Plus you can hop to the karaoke bars late night.
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More info
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I wholeheartedly second spicynuts suggestion. I love that bar. That hotel was a Best Western many years ago and the bar up there was simple, but decent.

Since it became a La Quinta, they've improved it quite a bit. Nice, somewhat quiet. Good views.
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What you want is The Delancey. It has an awesome rooftop and is a chill place.
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Ah yes The Delancey. No A-listers or Hilton sisters but plenty o' hipsters in from Billyburg. Can be just as annoying, however, that roof bar is gorgeous.
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Bar 13 or The Delancey.
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delancey's cool but beware the summertime mosquitoes
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Tonic East
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Its not open late but if you want a view that can't be beat, they serve drinks on the roof of the Met during summer evenings - very low key.
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When you say Met do you mean the museum or the opera? My gut says museum, but I don't want to show up like the freshman in high school asking for the pool on the roof.
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