Shuold my "o5 VW GTI windows roll down all the way?
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Autofilter: Should the windows on my '05 Volkswagen GTI roll all the way down?

My '05 GTI windows never rolled down all the way. They would always stop about a half-centimeter short. I thought this was normal since they both behaved in the same manner. Then one of the window motors broke and I had it fixed under warranty. Now the one window rolls down all the way. How "should" they roll down?
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Mine roll all the way down, but just barely. (I have an '05 GTI.) A little bit of the glass is still visible if you look down into the weatherstripping when it's all the way retracted. I never really thought about it, but if your windows are uneven, then I might take it back to the dealer and at least get them evened up.

No idea what the "right" way is, or even if there is a real 'right way,' but I can understand how it would be a little bothersome to not have them even.
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